The Tooth Decay Risk That You Carry

If we are to solve the problem of tooth decay that we have then we must have a pretty good understanding of how this process of decay actually works. Because without this knowledge we cannot hope to come with an intervention that will solve this problem for us. Therefore we require a good knowledge on how this process work and how we can assess what our risks are of developing our very first cavity or of developing repeated cavities if we don’t learn a lesson from our first experience.

Get the basics right

In the study of orthodontics Kew it has been proven that the bacteria that live inside our oral cavities are only responsible for the decay of our tooth. And how this occurs is what we are going to explain to you. So we have this thing called plaque buildup on our tooth that occurs when we have poor oral hygiene. This is the whitish layer that builds up on our tooth with time. This is evident in us when we go off to sleep without brushing our teeth and it tends to build up on our teeth throughout the night. When we wake up in the morning we realize there is this sticky white layer that has built up. This is nothing else but the bacteria in our mouth that have started clinging onto our teeth. And if we continue to let them build up then we are in trouble. Because if we maintain good oral hygiene then this build up cycle can be broken. But if we don’t then this bacteria will start breaking down the sugars in the food we eat and produce acid in the process of this metabolism.

This acid is what actually causes harm to our teeth leading to dental fillings and trusted root canal fillings. Because the protective layer of our tooth called the enamel is not resistant to acid. Because it was built for an alkaline ph which is the original ph of our mouths. But with increasing number of bacteria and acid build up what happens is that the ph inside our mouth becomes acidic and the enamel cannot resist this acidic ph. So it starts to dissolve. And cavities start to form on our teeth when this happens. And this is the reason we end up with sharp bursting episodes of pain when the disease process has started to occur. So we need to make sure we maintain good oral hygiene by means of brushing, so that we can prevent buildup of bacteria and as a result maintain the ph inside our oral cavity.