Why To Choose Orchard Spa

Spending a day with your girlfriends at day spa is the perfect idea. Orchard Spa is the best option to choose when you want to spend a day at spa. Our focus is to give our customers with our best services without any complaints. We make sure that we provide our customers with full relaxation at our aesthetically designed spa and with a peaceful environment. Our team of experts is very professional in its work whether it is massage, facial or any other body treatment. We use the products that are professional so it does not affect your skin badly and gives you the best result. Our team of experts will guide you about the type of facial Surry Hills you need according to your skin type.

If you feel tired and lazy then you should head to a day spa and get a massage there which will take away all your exhaustion and laziness. We have special services to offer our customers. Some of them are listed below;MASSAGE:

When you are tired from work and feel exhausted, massage is the perfect idea to get rid of all the fatigue and exhaustion. We provide our customers the variety of massages which include deep tissue massage, couples massage, aromatherapy stress relief massage and relaxation massage. You can choose any massage type according to you needs. Our aim is to give our customers with the best service of massage so that they never regret choosing us.


When it comes to waxing, you would not want to take any risk. You will always want professionals to wax your body so that not even the single hair of your body is left and the waxing does not leave rashes on your body. We always care about our customers and use the best quality waxing product on them so that it does not harm your skin in any way. Unlike beauty salon’s waxing, we provide our customers with waxing in a peaceful environment. We use the waxing product according to your skin type.


Choosing a salon or spa for facial is very risky but you can blindly trust Orchard Spa for your facial. If you have wrinkles, acne, bumps on your face, dark sports or if you have uneven skin, we have got the solutions for all your problems. Our team of experts will guide you about the type of facial needed on your skin type. We have a variety of facial treatments for you that are done by our expert and experienced workers and we use high quality products on your skin because we cannot take any risk on our customers’ skin. A happy customer is all we want.